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Fan Ficton

Hello all! I realize that the latest post in this community is a few months old; however, given that there are still posts from this year, I'm hoping some of you guys and ghouls can help me out.

I've been in love with Beetlejuice since the movie came out. I was about 6 years old, but what is age except a number? I also watched the entire cartoon as they were released, back in the day. Well anyhoo, one thing led to another and here I am, foaming all over Beetlejuice again. I can't get enough of the fan fiction, that's for damn sure!

While I love Beej together with Lydia, I read a fantastic piece of fan fiction from "Without Hesitation" on, and now I'm really, really digging the Lydia and Prince Vince pairing.

Can ya help a sista out? Please! Any lovey-dovey fan fics of this nature would just be fabulous. Of course, any other Beetlejuice fanfiction of note is also appreciate. I can't get enough of this shit. Thanks so much!
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