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Drabble Requests

Hello there fellow fans of the Ghost with the Most!

Tell me, do you guys like Beetlejuice fanfiction? I know I do! I've done quite a few on fanfiction.net. And now I am willing to try something I have just seen recently here on livejournal.

Their called Drabble Requests.

This is how it works: I'm offering to do any requested plots for a Beetlejuice one-shot fanfiction.

Any requests.

I may not be the best fanfiction writer, but if there's a plot you REALLY wanna see, like something leaning towards Beetlejuice and Lydia being together... Even...already together and being intimate with each other; oh yes, I'll do that to! But please try to be as specific as you can with the plot!

I'll reply back to your request with the best freakin' one-shot drabble I can do! ;D

Thanks for reading, babes! ^^
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